Become a Certified Non-Profit Accounting Professional (CNAP)

As an executive leader, finance team member, or Board director of a Canadian non-profit or charity, you can now access self-paced online training to improve the financial management and oversight of your organization.

Over 6,000 community-based leaders have completed this affordable program in North America and beyond, with more than 4,000 of them receiving certification as a Non-Profit Accounting Professional.

What is the CNAP Program?

‘CNAP’ stands for Certified Non-Profit Accounting Professional. 

Thousands of participants from the United States, Canada, South America, the Middle East, and beyond have taken live and online CNAP courses. 

The CNAP program was developed by the Non-profit CPAs Association, based in the United States. The original content is the result of collaboration between Fiscal Management Associates (since acquired by BDO USA), and members of the Association. 

We at Humanity Financial have customized the CNAP course materials to meet the needs of Canadian non-profit and charitable organizations; and to reflect Canadian regulations, and Canada’s own community sector realities.

Humanity Financial is the only source for ‘made in Canada’ CNAP content, and through the Non-profit CPAs Association, we’re empowered to confer official certification to those who’ve completed the program online, and have passed the exam. Roughly 1/3 of learners choose to opt out of certification, taking the courses, but not the exam.

Our online CNAP course covers topics critical to building stronger community organizations. Areas covered include: 

Why choose the CNAP program?

Accounting for the Canadian social purpose sector is quite distinct from accounting for traditional business. The financial landscape is awash with learning offerings for the latter. 

Meaningful and relevant support for charities and non-profits is needed. Programs that meet this requirement while also being grounded in a Canadian context are even more scarce.

The Canadian CNAP program is led by an experienced Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and recognized sector leader who supports social purpose organizations to transform their financial management and governance. Gord Holley’s professional commitment is to provide sound financial guidance and useful best practices, to enable positive impacts within the community sector.

We’re committed to supporting your organization to put its financial house in order, to use finances strategically in order to manifest your group’s mission.

The CNAP program provides adult learners with tools, expertise, and ideas focused specifically on non-profit and charity financial operations and management. Course content features Canadian regulations embedded within the actual environment in which community-based organizations operate.

This online offering is affordable, convenient, comprehensive, and easy to follow. CNAP is offered online in seven two-hour sessions (14 hours) as a self-paced program. Practical course materials and handouts are included.

After completing the CNAP course, participants complete the online open book exam if they wish to receive certification.

CNAP graduates build their financial management skills, and are confident in the secure financial future of the organization that they serve.

Gordon Holley’s workshop on Financial Management for Community Foundations was an essential session for board members and team alike. His engaging and easy to understand presentation of what can often be challenging information was relevant, interesting and valuable to everyone attending. A must for any organization concerned with accountability and effectiveness!

What sets the CNAP program apart:

What you'll learn

The CNAP course provides learners with tools, expertise, and approaches aligned with Canadian best practices in non-profit and charity financial operations and management.

Why CNAP matters more than ever

Who should participate in CNAP

CNAP is a fit for anyone responsible for managing financial procedures and influencing decisions within a Canadian charity or non-profit organization. Specifically:

CNAP program timeline

Because CNAP is offered online, participants can start on their learning pathway anytime that suits them.
Although the pace is ultimately dictated by each learner, we recommend that for best results, the 14-hour CNAP program be completed within 2 months. That’s roughly one 2-hour module per week.

CNAP program cost

The online CNAP program registration cost is $995+GST, which includes the $95 CNAP registration fee that is paid on your behalf for national accreditation, to the Non-profit CPAs Association.
Payment by credit card is accepted, when phoning to register for the program.

Specific topics covered by the CNAP program

Legal, Tax, Governance, and Accounting Environment

Nature of Not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs) and Charities in Canada

Accounting and Financial Reporting

External Financial Reporting

Working with the Independent CPA Firm – Roles and expectations

Canada Revenue Agency Compliance for NFPOs and Charities

Internal Financial Management


Cost Allocations

Contract and Grant Compliance

Internal Controls for Asset and Reputation Protection

Maintaining Adequate Books and Records

Nature of Not-for-profit organizations (NFPOs) and Charities in Canada

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Frequently asked questions

Sponsored by member firms of The Non-profit CPAs Association, the CNAP program is a comprehensive qualification, training, and examination process designed to recognize financial management excellence in the non-profit sector.

The training is practical, relevant, and timely. Adapted from the American original by Humanity Financial Management to the Canadian context, CNAP is taught by an experienced and knowledgeable professional who concentrates his financial and consulting services in the Canadian non-profit sector.

The curriculum includes basic and intermediate non-profit accounting, plus indepth training on more advanced issues such as internal controls and budgeting for non-profit organizations and charities.

Participants have the opportunity to work on real situations and scenarios from their own organization as they complete the program.

– Improved skills and knowledge obtained via the specialized training

– Enhanced credibility as a professional committed to excellence in non-profit financial management

– Increased professional knowledge and capability

– Increased value to your non-profit organization

– Improved capacity to move your organization forward towards its goals

Whether used as a refresher or a way to gain sectorspecific knowledge, the CNAP program is beneficial for bookkeepers, team accountants, Executive Directors, CEOs, Treasurers, Directors and any professional responsible for the financial management of a Canadian non-profit or charitable organization.

Enrolling for the CNAP program is easy. Reach out to us and select CNAP from the dropdown menu. We’ll be in touch promptly.

Humanity’s CNAP Coordinator will:

  • • Email you with some additional details about the course
  • • Confirm that you are planning to complete 18 months of financial experience in the Not for Profit sector
  • • Take your credit card payment via phone
  • • Send a link to a folder which contains documents and webinars

The CNAP program is to be completed within 36 months. Certificates are issued to participants who pass the multiple-choice exam and have provided written confirmation that they have a minimum of 18 months of financial experience in the Not for Profit sector.

A requirement for certification is that candidates pass a test given at the end of the training sessions. The test is “open book” and is the same for all candidates regardless of where they complete the training. The passing grade for each test is 75%.

Any participant who fails the exam is given an opportunity to re‐take it. If a candidate fails the exam for a second time, they need to attend the applicable training session(s) again before repeating the exam.
Online CNAP program – 14 hours ‐ $995 + GST, which includes:

– $95 CNAP Registration Fee: This is a one‐time fee paid on your behalf to The Non-profit CPAs Association for national accreditation, at the time that you register or apply as a CNAP candidate;

– $900 Tuition Fee: All fees must be paid by credit card 30 days prior to commencing the first online self-paced session.

In Canada, the CNAP program is delivered by Gordon Holley, CPA, CA, CPB. Gordon is the co-founder of Humanity Financial Management Inc. in West Vancouver, BC. Gordon has adapted the US material to the Canadian context. Humanity Financial is the only Canadian source for this program.
The Non-profit CPAs Association is an international network of CPA firms specifically selected for their experience in, and commitment to, supporting the non-profit sector.  Members combine their expertise to provide the highest quality services to improve the performance of non-profit organizations.  Through Non-profit CPAs’ educational program and continuous exchange of ideas and information, members remain at the forefront of the non-profit sector.  For more information, please visit their website at:

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