We are proud to be certified as a Caring Company

Giving Back Is What We Do

We at Humanity Financial Management Inc. are proud to share that we have achieved Caring Company Certification from Imagine Canada. Being recognized as a Caring Company is just one of the ways we live our values and demonstrate our commitment to supporting purpose-driven organizations to achieve impact.

What is a Caring Company?

The Caring Company Certification recognizes outstanding contribution in community investment and encourages Canadian businesses to make giving back a strategic priority.
As a Caring Company, we invest in our community by contributing at least 1% of our pre-tax profit towards social good every year. And we have pledged to continue investing in the communities we serve at this level.

Why 1%?

There is a global standard for community investment called the LBG International framework that has established 1% as the minimum benchmark that leaders are encouraged to achieve with their corporate philanthropy. Imagine Canada has adopted this framework as the standard for measurement to achieve Caring Company Certification in Canada. You can learn more about the LBG International framework here.

Who is Imagine Canada?

Imagine Canada works to support non-profits and charitable organizations in Canada and around the world through research, policy, information about funding sources, and through the Caring Company Certification program that encourages Canadian businesses to commit to and engage in corporate philanthropy.

The Caring Company Certification was launched in 1988 and is Canada’s premier public expression of excellence and leadership in community investment and social responsibility.

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