Jenny Liang

She / Her

Virtual Controller

Following her passion for problem-solving, Jenny uses her expertise in audits, planning and client management to help our clients achieve their goals.

Jenny Liang’s journey unfolds from the serene landscapes of Southern China to the vibrant city of Vancouver.  As an outdoors enthusiast, Jenny cycles scenic routes, hikes through local trails, and dreams of exploring Southern Europe. Balancing her adventurous spirit, she is a dedicated mother to two children.

In her professional life at Humanity Financial, Jenny aligns with the company’s social purpose mission and appreciates the unique employee development approach, including unparalleled training and unmatched flexibility.
With over 15 years as an Assurance Manager, Jenny’s expertise spans audit and review engagements, tax planning, and client management. Her educational background includes a C.A. designation and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia.

My mission is to assist clients in navigating their financial records and securing the funding necessary to achieve their goals.

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