Jacqueline Paul

She / Her

Operations Manager

Jackie is committed to helping Humanity deliver financial services that help our clients make the world better.
As our Operations Manager, Jackie is dedicated to finding process improvements and efficiencies, and helping us move forward with our strategic goals.
With an educational background in English and Criminology, she discovered her passion for numbers in a small public accounting firm that recognized her potential and encouraged her to pursue her CPA designation. Jackie’s diverse accounting and operations experience spans 25+ years in both public accounting and in private industries ranging across event planning, manufacturing, technology services, travel insurance, and promotional products.
Although her work was professionally fulfilling, she wanted to find a way to use her accounting and operations knowledge to help others in a more meaningful way. Joining Humanity aligns with her values, allowing her to contribute to the support of social purpose organizations.
Living just north of Toronto with her husband and two sons, Jackie enjoys travel, reading, theatre, tennis, and hiking.

Helping my colleagues find efficient and effective ways of delivering exceptional services to social purpose organizations is incredibly fulfilling.

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