Talia Burgess

She / Her

Assistant Virtual Controller

Talia’s commitment to excellence and appreciation for meaningful interactions make her a valuable member of our team.

Born and raised in Langley, BC, Talia is a dedicated individual who seeks to infuse purpose into her work. With a keen eye for detail, Talia enjoys preparing and analyzing complex financial documents, so that clients are able to make effective and confident financial decisions.

After earning her BBA (with distinction) from the University of the Fraser Valley, Talia is looking forward to working with clients who are committed to making communities healthier and more resilient.

In her free time, Talia enjoys exploring the world through travel, finding serenity in yoga, preparing healthy recipes in the kitchen, and spending time with her dog Pepper.

Accounting is accounting no matter where you go; however, working at Humanity puts purpose behind the work that I do each day.

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