Shailene Caparas

She / Her

Senior Accountant

Driven to succeed, Shailene constantly learns, thinks, and creates innovative ways to contribute more value to the non-profit organizations that she serves.
Shailene enjoys creating value for the social purpose organizations that she’s been passionately serving since 2007. Skilled for strategic change and system improvements, and known for outstanding technical knowledge, she offers 14+ years of solid experience in improving the financial systems of the non-profit sector, and over 3 years of auditing experience. Shailene joined Humanity to focus exclusively on developing the non-profit sector.
Shailene is a principled leader who is dedicated to providing sound financial advice to the board and executive leadership, including church leaders. She is inspired by helping non-profits thrive with sound financial, accounting, and budgetary frameworks—including empowering them to generate relevant, reliable financial reports.
Shailene has held leadership positions on several boards including the Canadian Bible Society-BC and Yukon District.

I’m inspired by the impact of my work on the leadership of not-for-profits—seeing them happy makes me glad.

Six Evolving Practices in Indigenous Government Finances and Performance Reporting