Elise MacDonald

She / Her

Manager, Client Accounting Services

Elise is excited to leverage her financial reporting, leadership, audit, and advisory experience from public companies to provide value to Humanity’s clients.
Welcome to the world of Elise – a dynamic individual whose journey is marked by resilience, determination, and a fervent passion for making a meaningful impact. Pivoting from a focus on competitive athletics in her youth, Elise’s trajectory has led her to a successful career in finance and to her role at Humanity.

Beginning her professional odyssey in public practice as a CPA specializing in public company audits and financial advisory, Elise transitioned to the corporate sector with a focus on financial, external, and Environmental, Social, Governance (“ESG”) reporting in public companies. Seeing a growing demand from stakeholders for ESG reporting to complement financial reporting, she proactively gained expertise in this area and supported the ongoing transition in this evolving space – applying her financial expertise to decision-making processes and conceptual analysis of non-financial information.

Motivated by her interest in impact reporting, Elise found her professional home at Humanity, drawn by the company’s unique approach and unwavering commitment to making a positive difference. Humanity, for Elise, represents an environment for learning, challenges, and personal and professional growth.
Beyond the financial realm, Elise is an outdoors enthusiast, often found by the water near her home in Victoria, BC, where she lives with her partner, her rescue dog, Scout, and her cat, Murph. A lover of non-fiction and poetry, Elise thrives on understanding people through interactions, considering it the most rewarding aspect of any job. Living by the mantra of saying “yes” to life’s opportunities, she embodies a spirit of openness and adaptability.

All the people at Humanity, the mission, values and manifesto align with where I am in my life, giving me the opportunity to work with others who share my desire to create a positive impact on the world.

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